Information Dissemination

BitShelter provides an interactive system that disseminates, shares, and displays legal information including images, video, text, and audio in real time. Currently we are in development at the Bidibidi sttelement. Our methods inclde using;

  • RGB LED Display
  • Android Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Chatbots (facebook/twitter)
  • Web applications
  • Desktop Applications


RGB LED Display Panels

We procure, install, and maintain RGB LED panels for both indoor and outdoor uses.


Web Application

Using a website application control the RGB LED Display, send messages to be displayed of text, image and video to appear in realtime.


Android Mobile App

Using an Android Mobile app, push media to the RGB LED Display to appear iin realtime.

Current Projects

BitShelter sites on course

Hack4Refugees at the Bidibidi settlement

Information channels at the refugee settlements are choking under the weight of limited resources. mobile phone penetration is about less than 30,000 users out of over 287,801 people(bidibidi settlement). In this population, 14% men, and 86% female and children. the phones are in the hands of the men leaving the women without a channel to receive pertinent information. Language barrier also exits of mainly an arabic speaking christian population.

Our Mission

“Extending legal information to the 1.5 million refugees in the settlements of Uganda”

Our Solution

with the use of an RGB LED digital billboards capable of displaying relevant information to refugees and the host communities 24/7, and in real time in a language they can understand for the literate along with audio messages for the illiterate as sent by UNHCR implementing partners. We plan to erect these structures at centers of heavy traffic flow including at junctions, markets, community centers and more.


our solution hasn't been deployed before in the refugee settlements, and it incorporates artificial intelligence via a facebook chatbot and language translation all in real time. Our solar digital boards can be deployed anywhere where there is sunlight and information transmitted for display via mobile app or web application all at a competitive cost. Our solution can accommodate translation to all international languages including kiswahili all in real time.


We hope to have a more aware refugee population, one that is aware of their rights and privileges. One that shall have less conflicts with their host communities. With this impact, we hope to see less numbers of human trafficking registered, less disease outbreaks registered and large numbers present at community drives and events as they shall be receiving the information.When it comes to expectant mothers, with these displays around the settlement, we shall able to remind them to come for regular antenatal care at the health centers and therefore higher number of pregnant women visits shall be registered.


Our primary target area the bidibidi settlement has over 287,801 people with about 15 zones, and the zones are subdivided into villages. All these zones have health centers, community centers, markets, police stations, that from time to time have large human traffic where we shall setup the LED displays.

New Entries

BitShelter is a finalist in the the Innovating Justice Challenge is organised annually by the Innovating Justice Accelerator to seek out the best justice entrepreneurs in the world.

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